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tiring week
angelic arashi
just back from semester holiday last week but really have no rest at all.
the moment i arrive at my the university, plenty of work were waiting for me.
the big thing was a seminar which makes me less of sleep and rest on my own.
the other housemates were always complaining why am i never be at home on the day time because when they woke up,i'd already gone and only come back when they were all go to sleep then. don't have a time to really sit and talk together about how their holiday's story (even i know that dib and i must be very buzy downloading arashi's clip with the fast internet connection at home....huhu)
but, despite all the important stuff coming up soon, i still able to stole a few minutes just to watch my arashi...feeling like the life wasn't happening at all if i don't see them at least once a day.......
tomorrow is the day...the killing day for every final year students of food biotechnology in my university because we must assign the seminar related to our course which really takes a lot of time. so, hopefully everything will be as planned and the program will go smoothly.


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