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Writer's Block: Decision Time
angelic arashi
When you need to make a difficult decision, what kind of resources do you consult for guidance?

i always fail when it comes to make a decision because i've feelings that this is not true...that is not right and try to make a balance for all...but i realize that if we are thinking too much of other side effects,that won't do!
that's why i always depend on others to help me judge what is right...especially with my friends,i discuss a lot with those i believe even for certain private things although i know...there were uneasy feeling bout it...
i rarely talk with my family about my problems maybe because i don't use to it since i stayed at boarding school since secondary school..
i also like to search for some info from the net and sometimes, it can be a big help from me like talking with a stranger who can give a really good advice and opinion...for me,i can be unexpectedly open to someone i didn't know as long as our conversation did match with each other and he/she didn't know my name and details about me....just exchanging opinions and experience is ok i guess....

but....after all...if too many help from other can make me more confuse in making a right choice... the end...the best way is to trust your own self, calm down, think carefully and make a choice!
its not about the result but the most important thing is about the process to become mature in decision the best outcome is just believe in yourself and face any consequence that'll happen because that is what life are all about....we learn from mistakes and make sure to learn properly.....

who else you want to believe if not your own self???


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