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when everything's went wrong....
angelic arashi
woke up quite late today and escaped the morning class because of that..

maybe i woke up from the wrong side because it seems like everything was turn out to be wrong....
starting with the dullness that clearly showed on my face,
the un-happy mood during presentation (no focus there!) and the so-called home doesn't feel like home anymore (hellooooo....rubbish are all the way and the kitchen...oh my God...just wait for the rat to come!!!!!!its so messy i don't believe there're people live here!!)

and i don't know why but seems like lately, one of my friends try to avoid me...really don't know the reasons
when i was to chat with her, she will purposely didn't show the interest to interact, always showed the unpleasent face towards me...(like i did sth really bad to her)
i was like...."what's wrong with you??????if i'd done sth that really pissed you off,just tell me"
but as usual, i only can shout it inside my head....^^
she's done that many times...for suddenly become angry with people with no talking,not friend anymore,just left people with a questionable situation!daaaa~~~~~so troublesome.....

anyway....let it be like that...until she's fed up...and realized how childish it is to be like that...she'll come back to normal

for the time being...let's live life to the fullest and enjoy every seconds of our life with every color we paint!
no hard feelings........><

trying many times to prepare for the test but end up watching arashi's stuffs over and over again....lalala~
just watched HanaDan for how many times...i forgot...(influence from the HnA ep63 featuring becky as the guest)


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