going crazy
angelic arashi
feel like wanna write something here....
i'm really...really2 going crazy because of arashi....especially sho,my ichiban!(not to mention my niban..ohno...)
the result for my 6th sem was out and showed a little improvement but still don't impress me...
but all,i think...thanks to arashi for their support (of course only from their song...if i meant to meet them...i really dunno what to do...haha!)
but also,thanks to them that my cumulative pointer for all the 6 semester i had is still below from the best i can have...
this is because of my craziness for them that on the exam night,i still watching their stuffs and go to bed late...haha!

hmmm...doesn't care bout all that....
the most important is,love arashi always.....^^

starting a new one
angelic arashi
i'm starting this LJ just for fullfilling a condition that needs me to become a member before i can download something here..
i really love most of the posts in others LJ sites especially when it comes to Arashi and News (i love them both..:))...


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